ROLI Studio Player is the amazing new way to access all ROLI sounds and effects, all in one place, and make great music with them.

Our cutting-edge sound engines Equator, Cypher2, and Strobe2 are for the first time unified in one program that easily works with your DAW. And not only that. ROLI Studio Player introduces fun new features that help you compose and perform faster. Smart Chords helps you create complex chord progressions just by holding down a note, and the Multi-Layered Arpeggiator lets you create rhythmic patterns in seconds.

Download today, if you’re a BLOCKS or Seaboard owner, and you’ll be the first to experience these songwriting features. Plus you’ll massively simplify your workflow for accessing ROLI sounds and effects.

ROLI Studio Player is now available in a beta version, which means that the features are mostly there but are still being built and refined. It launches this summer alongside a new tiered offering for all our sounds. Between now and its public release we’ll be focusing on more content, deeper integration with ROLI hardware, and Windows support (right now it’s only available for MacOS 10.13 and above).

Share your ideas about how we can improve ROLI Studio Player! From bug-spotting to new feature concepts, your feedback really helps us deliver an extraordinary software suite.

To install ROLI Studio Player, you’ll first need to download ROLI Connect, the cloud-based platform that connects all ROLI hardware and software. Now let’s dive into the features of the ROLI Studio Player beta version.

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